Corporate tax

As an entrepreneur you do not only want to optimally manage your personal assets but also the assets of your company. Thanks to our specialised tax attorneys and our broad experience with other organisations and entrepreneurs, for corporate taxes you are at the right address at CAZIMIR.

We do not only support you with your personal questions and concerns about your assets, we also provide tax advice at the level of your company. Is your organisation in a transition, for example due to a takeover or reorganisation? Do you wish to establish a holding or management company? Are you planning to make new investments?... In any conceivable scenario we support you and your accountant, bookkeeper or company auditor with suitable advice about tax issues. We would like to educate you in the area of IP structures, copyrights, thin capitalisation rules, the notional interest deduction, liquidation reserve, etc.

Your company profits optimally from our multidisciplinary approach, whereby we do not only look at the interests of your company but also at the impact on your private assets.

Your personal CAZIMIR advisor in corporate tax is Tim Melis.