Immigration and emigration

For years Belgium has been an attractive destination for wealthy Europeans, in the past especially Dutch and French people. Over the past few years also more and more Asians are attracted by the fiscal advantages and the central location of our country.

We support these new prosperous compatriots from A to Z in this immigration process and are their point of contact for further investments throughout Europe.

The reverse movement also takes place: prosperous families that leave Belgium. People emigrate for very different reasons and we assist them in this. Often, fiscal reasons are not the decisive factor. A better climate, more freedom in the division of the inheritance and professional challenges are just as important.

Do you have plans to move abroad? CAZIMIR guides you through the entire process. In a first stage as mediator in an awareness process: what does it mean to emigrate from Belgium? Subsequently also with the choice of your new destination. And finally, in practice with the actual execution, in cooperation with foreign specialists. A complex task that requires specialist work.

Your personal CAZIMIR advisor in immigration and emigration is Wim Vermeulen.