Tax procedure and ruling practices

For years now we have guided clients in resolving disputes with regard to direct and indirect taxes and other financial topics such as collections. CAZIMIR is still one of the leading actors in debates about usufruct.

In many cases your bookkeeper or accountant involve us before there is a conflict, for example during your tax audit.

If it comes to a dispute, we look for an appropriate amicable solution with the tax administration. Our tax expertise, extensive knowledge of the field and decisive, constructive attitude lead to demonstrable results.

But not every dispute can be resolved amicably. In such case we will defend your interests with all available resources before a Belgian or European court.

In addition to resolving conflicts with the tax administration, clients also use us to obtain legal certainty about the most varied tax issues. And this by requesting binding rulings from the Ruling Committee.

Your personal CAZIMIR advisor in tax procedures and ruling is Tim Melis.