Liquidation and Distribution of an Estate

Death is, first and foremost an emotional event, filled with grief and sadness, but it is also the moment when the question of estate settlement comes up. Sadly, it is also often the time at which conflicts arise amongst family members: who has what rights to the estate and how should it be liquidated and distributed?

Liquidating and distributing an estate is often a complex matter. The estate assets have to be taken into account, of course, but lifetime gifts, wills and marriage contracts also have an important impact on the liquidation and distribution of the estate – not to mention any international assets.

Cazimir always seeks to assist the parties to reach an amicable settlement in order to avoid lengthy legal proceedings. However, if a mutually acceptable settlement cannot be reached, Cazimir will give you meticulous assistance in legal proceedings involving liquidation and distribution before the court and notary. Our specialists’ knowledge and expertise will always be of great use, including in the context of court proceedings.

Finally, it is advisable to always reach an agreement on the liquidation and distribution of an estate, even in circumstances where there are no conflicts at that time. This can avoid later arguments and exclude any possibility of your legal successors being caught up at some point in the future in the liquidation and distribution of a past estate.

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